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FAQ About Wrongful Death Lawsuits

What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loan?
Contrary to what it might sound like, a wrongful death lawsuit loan has nothing to do with paying your lawyer — the wrongful death lawyers of Florida exclusively work on a contingent fee basis, so if they lose your case, you don't have to pay them at all. Rather, such a loan is essentially a loan against your lawsuit's presumed future payout.

Why Get a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loan?
Simple: you have bills to pay today, and if the family breadwinner has recently passed away, you have no income to pay them with. Such a loan will give you the money you need today so that if the lawsuit drags on for months or years — it can happen — you don't end up a pauper by the time the money arrives.

Why They're Important To Your Case
The insurance company — or whomever is on the other side of your wrongful death case — doesn't care a whit about you. They know that you're living paycheck to paycheck and suddenly just lost a paycheck — and they won't hesitate to use your desperation to force you to accept a settlement of pennies on the dollar. If you get a wrongful death lawsuit loan, however, your level of desperation drops significantly — and thus you're better able to hold out for a bigger settlement. Bigger settlements mean you get more money, your lawyer gets paid more, the company that offered you the loan gets paid back with interest, and basically everybody wins.

The Downside
The downside of a lawsuit loan like this is that you have to be already in settlement negotiations to get one — if there's still a chance that you'll simply lose the case and get nothing, no sane company would offer you a loan, because you won't be able to pay it back if you lose. Depending on how assertive your lawyer is and how confident the opposing counsel is, just getting to the settlement part can take months, so you may already be desperate enough to just take the first offer they give. Don't do it! Any Florida personal injury attorney worth his or her salt will tell you to wait and hold out for a bigger offer — when they do, ask them for help applying for a lawsuit loan, and you'll be able to follow their advice without losing your shirt.