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Wrongful Death Lawsuit: On the Job Accidents

If someone dies at work and it's clearly the fault of someone at their company, pursuing a wrongful death case isn't just a matter of winning righteous compensation for your loss — it's also a way to make sure the company doesn't let their employees get that negligent again. Of course, in order to attain that goal, you have to actually win your case and make sure that the company feels the pain of having to pay out for it's employee's lack of proper care.

Winning is the only way that you'll get the compensation you deserve as well — and it's not that easy to do. You can be assured the company you hold at fault will put ample money into a lawyer to try to prove themselves innocent (or at least convince you to accept a lowball settlement.) That's why you need the assistance of a wrongful death lawyer: Tampa families simply don't have the expertise to represent themselves and win — and winning changes everything.

If the individual that perished was the sole breadwinner, for example, there are only two possible outcomes: either the family is devastated and has to completely change it's lifestyle often literally overnight in order to deal with the sudden loss, or the case is won and the company will not only pay for the funeral, but for a significant portion of the deceased's income, allowing the family the money they need to find a more reasonable and less life-shattering way to deal with their extraordinary loss.

It all comes down to the quality of your wrongful death lawyer. Florida law generally limits lawyers working on contingency (which is how all wrongful death cases are billed) from taking more than one-third of your compensation as their fee — which means you can basically count on any lawyer taking one-third of your compensation as their fee. So the cost isn't a factor.

The difference that matters, when you get right down to it, is in which attorney makes you comfortable and makes you feel like s/he can get you the win you're after. Every attorney will promote themselves — the ones with years of experience will tout the value of a high win/loss ratio; the ones without that time under their belt will talk about how they're hungry and more willing to put in the long hours than a older lawyer. You can believe whichever pitch suits — just make sure that the lawyer you eventually decide on doesn't rub you the wrong way, and that you're comfortable doing everything they ask you to, and you'll be headed down the right path.