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What to Look for in a Car Accident Attorney

We like to shatter myths here at Florida Injury Law Firm — we're not afraid to point at people who are spouting 'common wisdom' and tell them why they're wrong. Today, we're going to talk about all those auto accident attorneys in Tampa that talk big about their experience and their hunger.

Those are the two big themes — either you're an older lawyer with hundreds of cases under your belt and a phenomenal win/loss ration, or you're younger, without all those years of experience, and you're hungry. We're going to tell you what the other guys aren't telling you about their firms.

Familiarity Breeds Complacency
You've heard it before, and it's particularly true in the law. You can sure get behind a man who has been a lawyer for 15, 25, even 35 years and has won 84% of all of his cases — but consider that the attorneys who have been playing the game for that long actually tend to be less prepared for unexpected twists and turns, because they feel like they already know everything that will happen. Furthermore, those big names quite often (legal secret here folks) meet with you and show up at your trial, all the while letting their paralegals or (if you're lucky) junior associates actually do the vast majority of the legal work behind the scenes.

Aggression Can't Beat Patience
You definitely do want a lawyer who will push your case forward and work hard to win it — but especially in car accident law, a lawyer who aggravates the judge, the opposing counsel, and the jury is not going to get you the best offer. Juries aren't swayed by a jerk driving home 'logical' and 'rational' arguments in a staccato voice. And in the worst-case scenario, an overly aggressive attorney will inspire his opposition to work overtime — even pro bono — just for the satisfaction of putting him in his place.

The Right Kind of Car Accident Lawyer
You want someone good at their job without being 'above' your case. You want someone that is confident and assertive without being aggressive. There are plenty of auto accident lawyers in Tampa that can be right for you — all we want is for you to not fall for the hype.