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The truck accident lawyers of Orlando have an extraordinary onus on them if they want to win their cases — they must, among all of the legal maneuverings that occur at the beginning of a case, conduct an investigation that will get them the evidence they need to win their upcoming court battle. Their biggest enemy: time! Evidence disappears quickly, especially in accident cases, which is why it's critical that you get your lawyer working on the job as quickly as possible.

As you begin searching for the right lawyer, you want to do what you can do collect evidence yourself and keep all of your paperwork and records in order. If you see a doctor, keep your receipts as well as anything s/he gives you that describes the conditions you're suffering — even if they seem unrelated. If you've been contacted by the insurance companies of the other people involved in the accident, write down who, when, and what they said.

If you can walk into your attorney's office and hand them a fat, well-organized binder of information, your chance of winning your case skyrocket. If you can do it within 48 hours of your accident, they go up even more.

The Problems with Evidence
Physical evidence is notoriously quick to disappear in an accident. Skid marks vanish not only when it rains, but also when other vehicles drive over them (particularly if someone else skids in the same area and confuses the scene.) Broken vehicle parts like headlight plastic and whatnot are often picked up by opposing counsel if they get there first, or by litter patrols.

At the same time, the more time passes between an event and an inquisition, the more likely a person's memory of the event is to be faulty. Our memory works less by recording every detail of an event and more by remembering two or three impressions of it and then filling in the details later. The sooner your lawyer can get depositions from the witnesses and other involved parties, the more accurate the reconstruction of the event will be.

In short, don't wait! Get one of the truck accident attorneys in Orlando on the job now!