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Orlando Theme Park Accidents

The sad truth about theme park accidents in Orlando and other major family-vacation destinations is that all too often, the park itself will spend a significant amount of money to cover up an accident, mislead the family that suffered, and do the absolute minimum necessary to fix the problem before proceeding with business as usual. These families don't realize that the theme park is legally obliged to keep their grounds — including rides, lines, booths…the whole bit — safe. If they fail at that and someone you love gets hurt because of it, they're liable for the results.

So how do you keep a family vacation place like that honest? By hiring a theme park accident attorney from Orlando. Attorneys skilled in premises liability (also called 'slip and fall attorneys' because that's the most common kind of premises liability case) know what legal channels to move through in order to firmly put the responsibility for a theme park accident right where it belongs: on the theme park.

The families that suffered this horrible misfortune have often just spent a big chunk of their nest-egg on a giant family vacation — that's why they're in Orlando in the first place — so they don't have a lot to spend on a lawyer. That's why most Orlando personal injury attorneys operate on a 'no-win, no-pay' (technically known as a 'contingent fee') basis: if you don't get any money from the theme parks, the lawyer doesn't get any money from you.

By sharing the risk of failure with you, the attorney is powerfully motivated to win your case — but you still have to keep up your end. Your attorney will ask you for paperwork, detailed affidavits and statements, and other things of evidentiary value. The more you can provide, the better your chances of winning your case; don't think you can find a lawyer and then sit back and wait for the money to come in.

So if you get in a theme park accident, don't assume that anything the theme park tells you is necessarily correct — get yourself a qualified lawyer to talk to you about what your real options are, and get the best result you can.