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Reporting Amusement Park Injuries

Amusement parks are fun places to go, no doubt. High adrenaline alternating with some peaceful waiting in line — it's the perfect thing to with the family, even the few whose idea of a good time is a walk through the park. They've been the destination of choice for afternoons of fun for years. Games, spectacles and shows, frequent parades — everyone can find something they'll remember forever at a theme park.

But, to put a twist on the old adage, no place is perfect — and theme parks are no exception. In the United States alone, some 5000 people are injured or killed in theme park accidents. Attorneys in Orlando (the theme park capital of the country) deal with theme park accidents on a startlingly regular basis.

Theme park accidents break down into two common types: mechanical failure and operator error. In the case of operator error, the lawsuit to follow will almost always be a negligence case; for mechanical error, it may turn out to be product liability (if the defect happened during construction) or premises liability (if the equipment was improperly maintained.) Regardless of the eventual result in court, there are a few things you should always do if you're involved in a theme park accident.

Medical Care
The primary concern of everyone involved needs to be the survival and health of everyone involved.

Recording the Incident
Assuming you're able, using the family camera, voice recorder, or if all else fails a pen and paper to take notes on what happened and gather witness' names and phone numbers is a must. Without that kind of evidence, the chances are good that a court case won't go your way.

Call A Personal Injury Attorney
There are plenty of personal injury lawyers in Orlando, and several of them specialize in theme park accidents. Get the right lawyer on your side as soon as possible; the longer you wait, the harder it is to put together your case.