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Dangerous Semi-Truck Accidents

Let's get one detail clear up front: when we're talking about trucks, we don't mean your Ford F-150. We're talking tractor trailers — semi trucks. A trucker that gets into a major accident is much more destructive than you are behind the wheel of your mudstumper, no matter how much you've jacked it up and pimped it out. That's why the truck accident attorneys of Tampa have their jobs cut out for them. Let me explain.

A semi, even with an empty trailer, weighs so much more than any other vehicle on the road that it hits with the same force-per-square-inch as a bullet — imagine getting hit with a .22 caliber bullet fired from a decently powerful rifle…on every part of one side of your body at the same time. Getting hit by a semi truck is worse than that. It's rare that a semi gets involved in an accident without severely maiming or killing at least one person.

That fact makes the insurance companies very touchy about insuring truckers. In fact, truckers are obligated by law to report any crash he or she was involved in, whether or not they were at fault, whether or not any meaningful damage was done. That's because insurance companies will do everything in their power to prove that a trucker was not at-fault for a crash — because if s/he was, it's statistically likely that they'll have a HUGE payout on their hands.

In turn, that means that litigating a truck accident is much more difficult than litigating a car crash — if for no other reason than that the insurance companies have a powerful financial motive to hire the best truck accident attorneys in Flordia. If you want to best them at their own game, you'll have to be ready to hire not just a lawyer, but a team of investigators who can collect evidence and testimony and weave it into a story more compelling than the opposition's.

It's going to be a tough battle in court. It's always bad when it's a car accident, with everyone pointing blame at anyone but themselves — but a truck accident is another beast altogether, both on the road and in the courtroom.