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Understanding Florida Trucking Laws

There are laws in place that the trucking industry is required to follow, for the public's protection. The sheer size of transport trucks poses a much larger risk for injury or death if there should be an accident. Because of the risks, Florida trucking companies often retain very cunning attorneys who fight tooth and nail to prevent one of their truckers from being found at-fault for an accident.

What's why, if you've been in an accident involving a trucker, you need a truck accident lawyer. Florida state and Federal laws have extensive provisions that are designed to keep truckers driving safely, and if the trucker that you got into an accident with wasn't following them, a truck accident lawyer can out them for their unsafe practices in court and get you the compensation you deserve.

Attorneys rarely specialize in just trucking law — but when looking for truck accident attorney in Florida, you should always make sure that the lawyer you're talking to has been in several truck accident cases before. Preferably, they should be able to show you several cases that they've won. That should prove to you that the lawyer is familiar not only with the law books, with the kind of tactics that the trucking companies' lawyers use in the courtroom (and how to beat them).

The essential element in any case against a trucker is proving negligence or reckless endangerment on the trucker's part. For example, if the trucker has been driving for too long without a break, or if the trucker was taking drugs on the road (surprisingly common!), discovering these elements and bringing them out in court is the attorney's primary tool.

Obviously, the trucking attorneys on the other side of the bench are going to try to keep these facts from coming to light — but they're also going to be trying to assign a share of blame to you. They'll investigate everything about your day leading up to the accident, looking for any reason to claim that you were driving impaired or could have done something reasonable to prevent the accident and didn't.

It's a tough environment, but it's one where persistence and thick skin can win you hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for losses. Just be ready to fight hard, and get the best truck accident attorney Florida has to offer on your side.