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Filing a Claim for Airplane Accidents

Air travel is probably the quickest form of commercial transportation, and if you're not stuck in Coach, it can actually be one of the most comfortable as well. Need to get from Orlando to SeaTac? You could take a 78-hour bus ride, or cover the same distance in seven hours by plane. The number of people flying in airplanes continues to rise annually even with the added annoyances of airport security.

Unfortunately, even as airlines improve their safety practices, the increasing number of flights also increases the number of aviation accidents every year as well — and because of the nature of air travel, it's rare to see an airplane accident that doesn't kill several if not scores of people. In fact, many of the aviation lawyers in Orlando do just as much business as wrongful death attorneys. Orlando courts rarely see an aviation case which didn't result in someone's demise, so the question isn't "who is paying the medical bills" so much as it's "who is at fault for the fact that my husband didn't come home?"

That's a fairly complex question, too. Fault can belong to any (or all!) of a wide number of individuals, from the obvious (pilot, air traffic controller) to the seemingly-unrelated (the quality control worker at the plant where a defective part was allowed to be built into an airplane, causing it to malfunction in midair, or the airport worker who allowed the airplane's fuel to become contaminated as it was being added to the plane's fuel tank.) There's rarely a quick and easy assignation of blame and then subsequent order of compensation when it's an aviation accident.

So the question becomes: how can you tell if you need an aviation lawyer? The answer isn't as complex as you might think: if you or someone you love got on a plane and they didn't make it to their intended destination, you need an aviation lawyer. Even if the airplane went down "well" and no one perished, there should (and will) still be an investigation and while it may be determined that all you're owed is the cost of the ticket plus any other expenses occurred by getting you from the landing site to your intended destination, it's still important that the entire legal process be followed through.