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Theoretical Case: Automobile Accidents

Today we're going to visit a theoretical client who sustained injuries during an automobile accident in Florida. We get a lot of cases involving automobile accidents and people wonder: What can they do? Why would they hire an attorney? And how soon can they get compensation? The answers to those questions vary depending on the type of case it is. We have seen cases resolved in several days and others take years to get a resolution.

It really depends on the injuries and who caused the accident. The first thing we do as a law firm is find out who was involved. Secondly, we look at the damages; how you're injured. That's very important, and it's important for us to understand if there are any long term injuries, especially any permanent injuries. The more permanent the injuries are, the more compensation, typically, one finds. And lastly, the third thing we look at is collecting. We want to make sure that whoever is responsible has the money for us to collect on behalf of our clients.

Every case has three elements to it. The first is liability, who caused the accident. The second are the damages sustained during the accident. And finally, the third is collecting those damages. Our law firm works very hard to find out who was responsible. There may be more than one entity or person responsible. If there's more than one responsible party, we try to go after each of them to the fullest extent of the law to get compensation for our clients. It's important regardless of the type of injury you sustained or how it was caused that you contact a lawyer.