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Construction is arguably one of the most dangerous occupations in the nation. With the amount of heavy machinery being handled, the structures being built, the uneven walkways, the scaffolds, the exposed wiring, and a number of other hazards, construction zones can be accidents waiting to happen.

No matter how careful you may be while doing your job, you could be injured in an accident because someone else failed to do his or her job. Such negligence is grounds for a personal injury claim.

Common Accidents on Construction Sites

Construction accidents include machinery malfunctions, slip and fall accidents, electrocution accidents, falling objects, and much more. Even when construction workers follow safety procedures and wear hard hats, catastrophic injury is still possible. Defective machinery could malfunction and cause broken bones. Falling objects could cause crushing injuries and brain trauma. Falls from scaffolding can result in spinal cord injury.

If you have been injured in any such accident, you need a Celebration personal injury lawyer fromFlorida Injury Law Firm by your side. We have handled many complex injury cases and we can maximize the compensation for your construction accident.

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